About Christelle Hug

I am an Artist as well as an Industrial Designer; I explore perceptions of reality through two styles of art making: detailed graphite drawings and semi-abstract paintings depicting an alternate reality created by thought.

My style has evolved through years of practicing my artistic curiosity with the application of my industry experience as an Industrial Designer. The merging of these disciplines is evident in my drawing technique and particular style of composition. Years of creating engineering drawings and measuring has facilitated my ability to draw freehand.

My two styles of art making explore these diverse skill sets creating contrasting styles that reflect how things are while presenting an idea of how things could be, opening up the analytical mind to the possibility of creative thinking.

Reality is the decoding of information; our perception is determined by how we decode this information. The aim of my work is to shift the perception of my audience so that they are able to experience a unique interpretation of the world they see.

Using a stylisation technique, I develop and refine specific visual elements such as line, colour and shape to create a poetic reconstruction and simplified essence of the original subject and shifting its contextual meaning.
Distorting how we see the world by using vibrant and bold colours to stimulate the emotions of the observer, exploring the idea that if our emotions create our reality then perhaps a change in emotion will lead to a change in how we experience reality.

I am currently in the process of experimenting with my art by creating a juxtaposition of my different styles, techniques and skills to emphasize the idea that reality is distorted by our unique perceptions.